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  • As all teenagers know,
    Reading Shakespeare's work is hard,
    And over the years he's become a foe,
    The “oh so glorious” Bard.

  • I've got the poem to write,
    The ear to delight,
    The stories to read,
    The rules to heed.
    I got the style to mock,
    The reader to shock,
    The teacher to please,
    My schedule to squeeze.
    The grammar to know,
    My skills to grow,
    The quotes to learn,
    And the grade to earn.

  • When reading the Scripture,
    As good Christians do,
    I've noticed that something's not there!
    In all of the gospel, Teen Jesus’ life,
    Doesn’t seem to be anywhere.

  • The ravishing portrait hung on the wall,
    Dazzling eyes seduced me nearer,
    It paralyzed me with infatuation,
    Oh wait! That’s just a mirror.



Transcendentalist Song

(Based Upon Whitman, Thoreau, and Emerson with a little T.S. Eliot to spice things up)
Written & Sung by Finn Rollings

Baby, we can go
Like Henry David Thoreau
Straight to the mountain top
And sound our barbaric yawp

Let us go then you and I
And etherize each other upon the night sky
Your natural beauty is all I need
Like mermaid wreathed in green seaweed

Walking through the forest like the lonely
I feel your soothing god-like breeze
Sometimes I feel like a floating eyeball
But truly, that’s not what I meant at

Shall I wear my pant cuffs rolled
Anything to keep away the cold
Am I allowed, do I dare eat a peach
Listen to the sea girls out on the beach

You’ve locked me in a prison
And you swallowed the key
But you’re a fool if
You think I wanna be free

~Guitar Solo~

Follow me through the downs and ups
As I pour another coffee cup
I fear the sleep will find me soon
As I pour in another spoon

I have become the dirt beneath your feet
Forced to make my sweet retreat
Like the bachelors on balconies above the

If the stars appeared for just one night
Id wrap my arms around you good n tight
Hold on hard with all my might
You’ve granted me a second sight

Baby, we can go
Talking of Michelangelo
Straight to the mountaintop
And sound our barbaric yawp

If the stars appeared for just one night
I’d wrap my arms around you good and tight
Hold on hard with all my might
Ya you gave me a second sight

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